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Toenail Fungus

Request a consultation for toenail fungus and to see if this treatment is right for you.


How Do I Know If I Have a Fungal Infection of My Toenails?

Fungal nail and skin infections are complex problems because it can start in some people because of a family history of susceptibility, increasing age, nail trauma, climate, exposure from the environment like walking barefoot, participating in sports and fitness activities, communal bathing areas like showers and pools, and carpeting in hotel rooms.

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PinPointe Laser Expert
Cynosure's PinPointe Laser is the best treatment for nail fungus. Cynosure is known its portfolio of lasers, treating conditions like hyperpigmentation and sun-aged skin.

Nail infections are usually caused by fungi (including yeasts and mold). Most nail and skin infections are caused by a group of fungi called dermatophytes, which means “skin plants” in Greek. The fungi live in the skin folds around your nails, in the space under your nail, and the nail plate itself. They live off of the dead skin and nail tissue.

Nail infection is much more than a cosmetic issue. Fungal nail infections can cause permanent deformity of the nail that can interfere with wearing shoes comfortably, walking, and lead to chronic skin infections and infections by bacteria as well.

If your nails have any of the following signs you may be suffering from a fungal infection of your toenails:

Discolored nails, yellow streaks in the nail, or white spots on the surface or in the nail.
Buildup of bits and pieces of skin and nail around and under the nail plate.
Discolored and thickened nail that may separate from the skin under the nail.
Brittle, broken and thickened nails.

What is the Pin Pointe (TM) Foot Laser(TM)?

The Pin Pointe Foot Laser sends invisible laser light energy into and through the nail and/or surrounding skin that is absorbed by the pigment in the fungal organisms. When the laser light is absorbed it causes the pigment in the fungi to heat and this damages and kills the fungal organism.

Is the Treatment Painful?

Generally, no. There is no need for local anesthetics with the Pin Pointe treatment. Many patients do not have any negative sensation at all. Some patients may experience a sensation of warmth on the toe during treatment which stops immediately when the laser light is off. The laser power can be reduced or stopped if the procedure is too uncomfortable.

The Reason to Chose PinPointe Foot Laser

The PinPointe FootLaser is FDA approved for treatment of toenail fungus.
It is a treatment without the risks of oral medications and easily outperforms topical treatments alone. A single treatment lasts about 30 minutes, requires no anesthesia and is performed in the comforts of the office.